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Majun da Pcëi is the Ladin name for our stable. It is made of firm wood and it represents the heart of our farm. Here, in a 100% natural way, we do grow 60 milk cows. The farm is considered as an additional activity to our alpine huts, the dairy as well as the Bed & Breakfast Lüch da Pcëi.

The philosophy of this family run business is based on the revaluation of ancient arts and occupations. In each sector we try to strike a balance between the resources in order to achieve a greater well-being: first of all the farm wants to convey the closeness to the animals and by doing so we also want to underline the importance of using natural raw materials and nature-related farming methods.

Our aim is to create a sustainable development during each of the different realisation phases: from the production of the food, to the feeding of the animals, the milking-technologies and free-range husbandry up to the proper disposal of manure and the production of green energy resources.

This working method is the same used also for the dairy: our milk is processed raw and without any additives or semi-finished products. Also other aspects such as ageing, temperature and humidity are constantly controlled. The result is given by different excellent dairy products: fresh, aged and flavoured  cheese-types but also yoghurt and of course excellent milk and lots of other tasty products from the farm.  

If you pay great attention to nature-related farming methods, healthy nutrition as well as an animal-friendly breed like we do it, then you have certainly come to the right place. Each product which is branded Lüch da Pcëi is not just tasty, but first of all healthy and a sign of careful culture and tradition.

Today Lüch da Pcëi is an international brand  which is –  as well as the Fanes Group – not only deeply connected to Ladin culture and traditions but also of great importance for the promotion of Tourism, healthy diet and lifestyle on an international level.

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